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Since the birth of the Dead Worlds, Devils and Celestials have fought for control. Millenias later, Humans have discovered the Roads to Inferno and Paradise and want control of both worlds. How long can pent up hatred last?
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 Devil Ranks

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PostSubject: Devil Ranks   26.06.08 18:30

If you have any ideas for Devils ranks then post them here and I'll see about adding them. Not every suggestion is used but you can at least give me ideas. Also the ranks that have (1)(2)(3) go in order, as in (1) is the lowest rank in that groups and (4) is the highest. If you have ideas then post them here.

Devil Ranks

Destroyer Angel (1)
Soul Stealer (1)
Soul Crusher (2)
Soul Harvestor (3)
Chaos Angel (2)
Soul Reaper (4)
Blood Angel (3)
Angel of Darkness (4)
Demon Lord of Vengeance (General)
Demon Lady of Vengeance (General)
High Counsel of the Devils (Special)
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PostSubject: Re: Devil Ranks   27.06.08 13:49

Devil Ranks

Updated list of ranks.

Destroyer Angel (Dark Angel 1)
Soul Stealer (Soul Collector 1)
Soul Crusher (Soul Collector 2)
Soul Harvestor (Soul Collector 3)
Chaos Angel (Dark Angel 2)
Soul Reaper (Soul Collector 4)
Blood Angel (Dark Angel 3)
Angel of Darkness (Dark Angel 4)
Demon Lord of Vengeance (Male General)
Demon Lady of Vengeance (Female General)
High Counsel of the Devils (Special)
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PostSubject: Re: Devil Ranks   29.06.08 16:32

^-^'' I think i have some but I'm not sure n the list is too long.

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PostSubject: Re: Devil Ranks   29.06.08 17:24

well u can post them anyway i also have a long list i just took about alot of them
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PostSubject: Re: Devil Ranks   29.06.08 17:50

Abaddon:King of Demons. Better known by his Greek name Apollyon.
Abigor:A horseman with a lance and scepter, commanding 60 legions of devils.
Adramelech:Chancellor of Hell and President of The High Council of Devils.
Aguares:Grand Duke of Eastern Hell, commanding 30 legions of devils.
Alocer: Grand Duke of Hell, commanding 36 legions of devils.
Amduscias:Grand Duke of Hell, commanding 29 legions, popular with black magicians.
Andras:Marquis of Hell, commanding 30 legions of devils.
Asmodeus:Head of the Casinos of Hell, banished to the desert by Raphael.
Astaroth:Grand Duke of Western Hell, Lord Treasurer of Hell.
Astarte:One of a number of heathen gods and goddesses sometimes consigned to Hell.
Aym:Grand Duke of Hell, commanding 26 legions of demons. Also Haborym.
Ayperos:Prince of Hell, commanding 36 legions of devils.
Azazel:Standard Bearer of the armies of Hell. Also Satanael.
Baal:Commanding General of the Infernal Armies.
Baalberith:Chief Secretary and Archivist of Hell, a second-order demon. Also Berith.
Balan:Prince of Hell.
Bearded Demon, the :His name cannot be given lest people deal with him in search of the Philosopher's Stone (as King Solomon and Paracelsus are said to have done).
Beelzebub:Prince of Demons, Lord of the Flies, second only to Satan.
Belial :Prince of Trickery, Demon of Sodomy, sometimes called The Antichrist. It is likely he is also the one called Zephar by the German demonologist Weir.
Belphegor:Demon of Ingenious Discoveries and Wealth.
Buer :Second-order demon but commanding 50 legions of devils.
Caym :Grand President of Hell
Charon :Boatman of Hell who ferries souls across the Styx or Archeron
Chax :Grand Duke of Hell. Also Scox.
Cresil :Demon of impurity and slovenliness (according to Sebastien Michaelis, 1613).
Dagon :Baker of Hell, member of the House of Princes.
Eurynomus :Prince of Hell who feeds on corpses.
Furfur :Count of Hell, commanding 26 legions of demons.
Geryon Giant centaur who (Dante said) guards Hell. Others say the guardian is a dragon.
Hecate Queen of the witches.
Jezebeth Demon of Falsehoods.
Kasdeya According to The Book of Enoch (LXIX:12) 'the fifth Satan.'
Kobal Entertainment Director of Hell, patron of comedians
Leonard Inspector-General of Black Magic and Sorcery, The Great Negro of the witches' sabbats as a giant black goat. In Germany, Urian.
Leviathan Grand Admiral of Hell; androgynous, he is said to have seduced both Adam and Eve.
Lilith Princess of Hell, first wife of Adam.
Malphas Grand President of Hell, commanding 40 legions of devils. Same as Caym?
Mammon A word misunderstood was personified as the Demon of Avarice.
Mastema Leader of the offspring of fallen angels by human beings.
Melchom Treasurer of the House of the Princes of Hell.
Mephistopheles In some versions, servant of Lucifer, in others, The Devil himself.
Merihim Prince of Pestilence.
Moloch Another demon inherited from Jewish belief.
Mullin Servant of the House of Princes, lieutenant to Leonard.
Murmur Count of Hell, Demon of Music.
Naburus Marquis of Hell, connected with Cerberus.
Nergal Chief of Secret Police of Hell, a second-order demon, married to Allotu.
Nybras Grand Publicist of the Pleasures of Hell, an inferior demon.
Nysrogh Chief of the House of Princes of Hell, a second order demon.
Orias Marquis of Hell, Demon of Diabolic Astrologers and Diviners.
Orthon A minor demon familiar to the Comte de Corasse and the Comte de Foix. Another personal demon known by name is Sybacco, rather unreliably said to have attended Adriano Lemmi, connected with the alleged Satanic-Masonic cult of Palladinism in 19th century Italy and then there are all sorts of demons (usually with French names) that possessed French nuns, etc.
Paymon Master of Ceremonies of Hell.
Philotanus Demon assisting Belial in furthering pederasty and sodomy.
Proserpine In some accounts, Princess of Hell.
Pyro Prince of Falsehood.
Raum Count of Hell, commanding 30 legions of demons.
Rimmon Ambassador from Hell to (Czarist) Russia, Chief Physician of Hell. Also Damas.
Ronwe Minor demon commanding 19 legions of devils.
Samael Angel of Death, Prince of the Air, perhaps the one who tempted Eve.
Semiazas Chief of the Fallen Angels.
Shabriri Demon who struck people blind. The Jews also had goat demons (Schirim, Seirim), demon monsters (Behemoth, Leviathan), and Lilim, Nazzikim, Ruchoth, and many more.
Sonneillon Demon of Hate (Michaelis).
Succorbenoth Chief Eunuch of the House of Princes, Demon of Gates and Jealousy.
Thamuz Ambassador of Hell, Creator of The Holy Inquisition, Investor of Artillery.
Ukobach Stationary Engineer of Hell, Inventor of Fireworks, maybe Cooking Out.
Uphir Head of the HMO of Hell, Demon physician and apothecary.
Valafar Grand Duke of Hell 'in charge' say Tondriau and Villeneuve (1972) 'of good relations among brigands.'
Verdelet Master of Ceremonies of the House of the Princes of Hell.
Verin Demon of Impatience.
Vetis A devil who specializes in tempting and corrupting the holy.
Xaphan Stokes the furnaces of Hell, a second-order demon.
Zaebos One of the many animal-human combinations in Hebrew imitation of the Sumerians. This one is part crocodile, part human.
Zagam:Demon of Deceit and Counterfeiting. He can do Christ's first miracle, changing water into wine.
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PostSubject: question   10.07.08 13:40

why you have char sheet here?
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PostSubject: Re: Devil Ranks   

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Devil Ranks
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